Oleg Aliev

More than 20 years devoted to studying primitive tribes living in the remote corners of our planet. Author of more than 30 documentaries about small nations of the world, more than 100 publications in Russian and foreign media.
Wrote the book "Unknown Siberia"

Full member of the Russian Geographical Society.

Member of the Asian Geographic Society.

Honorary Member of the European Academy of Survival.

Honorary Professor of the Russian International Academy of Tourism , UNESCO Chair.

Awarded the silver medal of the RAS " Medal of Academician A.L.Yanshina "

Awarded the " Order of Patrons"

Awarded the Medal of the Russian Orthodox Church "Blessed Heaven".

Awarded All-Russian Prize " Crystal Globe " for the formation of positive Russias image abroad .


Яцек Палкевич

The famous explorer, he made the biggest discovery of the 21st century – discovered the source of the Amazon River.

Honorary Member of the Royal Geographical Society of Great Britain. 

Honorary Member of the Geographical Society of the United States, winner of numerous international awards.

He is the main scientific advisor of "disappearing world".



Сергей Лузянин

He is the doctor of Historical Sciences, deputy director of the Far Eastern Studies Institute of The Russian Academy of Sciences, professor of the Oriental Studies Department of MGIMO.

The main scientific consultant of latest films of "disappearing-world".



Олег Кузнецов

Доктор исторических наук. 

Научный консультант проекта «Исчезающий мир».

Специалист в области археологии, этноархеологии и этнологии народов Северной и Центральной Азии. Кузнецов Олег Владимирович участвовал в качестве главного научного консультанта фильма об эвенках Бурятии в проекте “Исчезающий Мир”



Arctic, Nenets
Eastern Sayan, Soyots people
Himalayas, Tibet
India, Naga people
Komodo Island
Malaysia, Negritos people
New Guinea Island
pen. Kamchatka
Sahara desert
Siberut Island (Mentawai)
South America
Sumatra island

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