Expedition organization

 We organize expeditions of any complexity, from extreme tours to complex research projects to the most distant and inaccessible parts of the world.

Savage tribes, now living in the Stone Age, the bounty hunters from the West Papua, the last northern nomads of Arctic Kazakhs living in the Mongolian Altai mountains, Tuareg tribes of the African Sahara, the natives of the Amazon jungle who has never come into contact with the civilization- all this and much more you can visit with us.

We can always offer you more choice, more options and extreme adventures
than others.

Over 20 years experience of organizationthe most challenging projects and expeditions. Unforgettable Adventures -
is our profession. Going on an expedition with us you will get an incredible experience.

We are open to any form of cooperation!
If you want to go on an expedition with us, please send us questions on: oleg.d.world@mail.ru


Arctic, Nenets
Eastern Sayan, Soyots people
Himalayas, Tibet
India, Naga people
Komodo Island
Malaysia, Negritos people
New Guinea Island
pen. Kamchatka
Sahara desert
Siberut Island (Mentawai)
South America
Sumatra island

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